Temptation, a Poem by LA Lorena

Temptation, a Poem by LA Lorena

Reach for me now, let me see the desire
gaze into these eyes, brimming with fire
kiss me with passion to tingle my spine
your tongue softly tastes me, sweet scent of wine

Kisses like raindrops, fall on neck and on shoulders
embers ignited, this deep fire yet smolders
wandering fingertips grazing my skin
give me those words and the true flames begin

Cleave to me closely, I need to feel that desire
show me you want me, my passion climbs higher
fingertip's pathways now followed by lips
a slow undulation of traitorous hips

Oh, scorch my ears whilst you stroke my flesh
let me hear your desire, your fulfillment; my quest
undress me with fever, yet leave me in lace
the glint of the devil on this angel's face

© 2011 LA Lorena (source)

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She’s a Rainbow

She comes in colors everywhere;
She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow
Coming colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors
~Rolling Stones

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Artist: Estheryu

"I followed rainbows in the 70s that painted peace and hope for my journey forward. All I had was my bare feet a voice and my long beautiful hair. I floated from place to place on my magic carpet. All yu needed then was a thumb lifted high to get from place to place, There were more flower children and less creatures to devour humans on their path of experience. Smiles were traded for trust and hugs given to keep luv strong."
(Teri Dorsey)

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